There are six relics that are being mentioned for the new Space Marines, and a few of them look pretty good. I am personally liking the Burning Blade and Teeth of Terra, but the chance to just give a character Eternal Warrior with a Relic Storm Shield..... cool.

Please remember that until the codex is released these are considered rumors.

These come from 40k radio. 
The Burning Blade: Melee, Str. +3, AP 2, Blind, Incandescent: Roll D6 at the end of the assault phase – on a “1”, the bearer takes a Str. 4. AP 2 hit.

Armour Indomnitus: Grants a 2+ / 6++ save and Relentless. Once per game for one phase it can overcharge the powerfield and confer a 2++ save.

Shield Eternal: Storm Shield that grants Adamantium Will and Eternal Warrior.

Primarch’s Wrath: Shooting Weapon with Str. 4, AP 4. Salvo 3/5, Shred and Master-Crafted. Range of teh gun was not mentioned.

Teeth of Terra: Chainsword with Str. +2, AP3, Melee, Rampage, Specialist Weapon, Strikedown.

Standard of the Emperor’s Ascendance: 
-Units in 12” with the same Chapter Tactics re-roll failed morale checks and pinning tests.
-Friendly units chosen from the Space Marines Codex within 6” of the bearer have the Hatred, and +1 to  Assault results.
-The bearer and his squad have the Fear special rule.
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