Dropzone Commander has a new faction being released, and information and pics are still coming in. This is just fantastic, as Dropzone is a great game, and it keeps getting better.

via two readers on Faeit 212
Had a conversation with Hawk Wargames about new Resistance Faction.

Resistance Faction models were what has been finished. Will have some dropships but play style will allow for vehicles that burrow up from underground and drop off troops, tanks, etc.

On planets with the resistance they have been hiding in the swamps.

Book with new army will be out in early 2014.

Here is what I found out for you. The resistance are the humans living on the Scourge occupied worlds. Because of this, most of their vehicles are truck based using modified and savaged equipment. They will have some drop ships and higher technology, but it will be scarce. The resistance will be the most customizable faction yet, with the ability to make factions that are working with the UCM, all the way down to Feral  factions that are actually cannibals! 

They will be available to purchase early next year. 

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