I have received information regarding the Tyranids, and its always exciting to get more. Today we are going to take a look at the HQ and Elite sections of some playtesting rules. The HQ are first, as they are coming in two sets

I want to spend a moment to add some extra salt to these. The source is adamant that these are from a playtest set, while according to another, these do not match up. So why post them up? Because they are rumors, and there is always the possibility that there something to them. There is no direct line to GW to tell me if these are in fact real or not, and if there was, they wouldnt say either way.

The source that sent them in, has been correct before and is a good source, but remember to please use a little extra salt with this set.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
This is from the latest test codex to finalize the rules for the upcoming codex.
Hive tyrant: 
WS BS S  T  W  I  A  LD  SV
8  4  7  7  5  6  5  10  3+

composition: 1 Hive tyrant
Unit type: monsterous creature

Weapons and biomorphs:
Bonded exoskeleton
bone sword (challenge weapon)
lash wip (changed: -4 to enemies initative)
scything talons

special rules:
Synapse creature
psyker mastery level 3
overlord (+1 to movement & charge distance for army until death of unit)
shadow in the warp (changed: -4 to enemy physic tests within 12'')
leaderless (death of unit will cause strengh 4 AP - hits to all units within 12'')

physic powers:(under testing)

add an additional set of scything talons: free
replace scything talons with heavy venom cannon:
stranglethorn cannon: (changed: 15pts)
twin linked death spitters: (changed: strength 5 AP 4 assault 4) :

may take the following:
Adrenal glands: 5pts
toxic sacks:
acid blood:
implant attack : (changed: challenge weapon) :
toxic miasma:
regeneration: (changed: 5+ to regain a wound at the end of the turn) :
Alpha regeneration: (4+ to geain a wound at the end of the turn):

May take up to two upgrades:
armoured shell:
spore field (-1 to enemy BS when firing at model):
physic shield (4+ invunrible save)

WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD  SV
10  0   8  7  6  7  6  10  2+/4+

Composition: 1 Swarmlord
Unit type: Character Monsterous creature

Weapons and biomorphs:
Bonesabres (challenge weapon)
armoured shell
physic shield

special rules:
synapse creature (18'' range)
phyker mastery level 4
swarm leader: (changed: give one unit: rage, fear or feel no pain)
undying beast: gains eternal warrior special rule
blade parry: (changed: gains +1 attack for every enemy model in base contact. striking at initative step 7)
shadow in the warp
painfull  loss: (once the unit is killed ALL models must take a unmodified leadership test (including units under synapse) the amount you fail by
on your leadership test is the amount of wounds a unit must take)

physic powers: (under testing)

WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD  SV
4   0   6  6  6  1  2  10  3+

Composition: 1 tervigon
unit type: monsterous creature

weapons and biomorphs: (Unchanged)

special rules:
synapse creature: (12'' range)
brood progenitor
pysker mastery level 2
shadow in the warp
spawn termagaunts
it will not die

physic powers: (under testing)

Must take one of the following:
scything talons:
piercing talons: (+1 stength)
crushing claws: (changed:
spore field:

can take one of the following:
adrenal glands :
toxic sacks:
acid blood:
toxic miasma:

Tyranid prime:
WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD  SV
6   4   6  5  4  5  4  10  3+

Composition: 1 tyranid prime
unit type: infantry

weapons and biomorphs:
scything talons
rending claws
implant attack

special rules:
synapse creature:(6'')
alpha warrior: (changed: if unit joins warriors then synapse range increases to 12'' also allows squad to use WS)
shadow in the warp

replace scything talons with:
pair of bone swords (changed: challenge weapons) :
lash wip and bone sword:

may take the following:
adrenal glands:
toxic sacks:
physic shield:

ranged weaponry: (under going beta testing)

The parasite of mortrex:
WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD  SV
6   0   5  5  2  6  3  10  3+

Composition: 1 parasite of mortex
unit type: jump infatry

weapons and biomorphs: (unchanged)
special rules: (unchanged)

Hive guard:
You may include a squad of hive guard if you take either the hive tyrand or the swarmlord
(these do not count towards your HQ slots)

WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD  SV
4   0   6  6  1  4  3  7   3+

Unit composition: 1-3 hive guard
unit type: infatry (character)

weapons and biomorphs:
rending claws
scything talons
boned exoskeleton

special rules:
instinctive behaviour - feed
blind rampage
shield wall

may take the following:
lash whip
bone sword (challenge weapon)
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