There has been rumors in the past so many months, that Finecast is here just temporarily, and at some point Games Workshop may be moving to all plastic or some other material. I will be the first to claim ignorance when it comes to this side of our hobby, in regards to molding, costs, and the viability of different materials for our miniatures.

So here is the latest rumor bits on the future of Finecast.

Please remember that these are rumors, please always use salt

This is not a open invitation for Finecast bashing. As normal here on Faeit 212, please keep the drama out of the discussion.

via an anonymous source here on Faeit 212
GW wants to Limit coming Finecast releases. In the Future, there will be only Characters and re-casts in Resin released.

No new Finecast releases after 2016
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