Orks are still a bit off, and occasionally we are getting rumors that include them. Todays bit is about Ork Psykers not using the standard levels of psykers as the rest of us do. Which is interesting, and thus why I am putting this out this morning

Please remember that this is a rumor and to give this some extra salt. I would like to see Orks generate their psyker abilities in different ways, just not so sure about this one, as it could generate a lot of MSU (multiple small units) lists, which would be counter productive to their fearless mob rules.

via Tim the Thief on Faeit 212
Orks will become a special Rule for they Psykers. Wierdboyz do not generated Warp Points, Units do it! 1 Point per 3 Units in your core Army.

Orks do not use levels. For every 3 Units your Armylist fill every Psyker in your Ork army can user one Point.
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