Valhalla is starting up today and begins about 2pm pst, although guests will be arriving before that. What is Valhalla........ if you have not been to one, you are missing out on something special.

Valhalla is 6 full days of Gamer's Paradise up in the Utah mountains at the largest privately owned lodge in the United States. 36,000 square feet, with a massive gaming area, with games going on of all types throughout. There is a large indoor pool, hot tub, gaming hall, and did I mention, the food is professionally catered, so all you need to bring is your personals and models. Man..... I miss some of the food still. (no joke, it was as shock to my system to get home last time)

What do you do at Valhalla.... Well, you play games. All week there are experts and special guests from many different gaming companies, including game designers, that are there most of the week to sit and talk shop. Valhalla is not a gaming convention. Here you are sitting down and talking shop with these guys over breakfast, lunch, dinner, the hot tub, pool and more. Its relaxing and a ton of fun.

I attended the May Valhalla, and it was one of those events you will not ever forget. We are lucky that this time around, one of our readers here on the site, has graciously offered to give us some reports on what is going on, who is there, and hopefully some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are some of my own from May...............

As you read this, people are showing up at Vahalla, or in flight to get there, and of course...... I am extremely jealous.

For More information, and if you are interested in going to one of these events, another is coming soon.

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