I have a couple reports now that the digital codex for Space Marines will have a list building app or section in it. Now I will be the first to tell you that I tried getting on the Games Workshop site to verify this, ..... and the site is basically slammed right now, and impossible to load. Wow, I can't imagine how many people are trying to get their pre-orders in right now, hopefully the world doesn't run out of them.

The pic above is a released image off of itunes showing off the new Force Requisition function in the digital codex.

via a Reader here on Faeit 212
when pre ordering the SM iPad dex it seems to have the first army list builder built info it. Force requistion is what it is called I believe.

What it Says on itunes
I was able to find a little on Force Requisition on itunes, this is what it says. And of course the pic above.
this is our first codex to contain our new interactive collection manager Force Requisition- A handy tool to help you assemble your army ready for battle.

Also note worthy is there are some narrated audio sections in the book as well. I would link you to the GW site, but obviously I still cannot get into it.
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