This morning we have an older Tyranid playtest set, that is about 6-7 months old according to the source. So while looking at playtest rumors, its important to note that playtest rules tend to look much different than what the codex is, but still gives us a direction and feel for the how the codex might end up. 

Please remember that these are rumors of a playtest set. 

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 
He states these rules are BETA and are around 7 month old

Hormagaunts :
may add an additional 20 Hormagaunts 

Equipment: scything talons & adrenal glans 

toxic sacks : (remain the same)
piercing talons : (+1 strength)
tyranid warrior (squad leader): 

special rules:
leap, they just keep coming,synaptic back lash (tyranid warrior only) synapse creature (tyranid warrior only)

leap: may charge +6'' extra & do not lose initiative while charging through difficult terrain  

they just keep coming: enemies firing at models with this rule suffer -1 bs 
models with BS 1 must re-roll any successful hits on a model with this target.

synaptic back lash: after a model with this rules dies then all friendly units within 6'' of the models death suffer a single strength 3 AP - hit.

Old one eye to have his toughness increased 

tyranid warriors 
may add an additional 3 models
 5     5  4+

piercing talons, leap, synaptic back lash, 
special rules: will of the hive mind

toxic sacks: (read above)
adrenal glands:  (read above)
range biomorph exoskeleton:  (+1 bs)
increased exoskeleton:  (+1 sv) 
barbed strangler: (remains the same)
venom rifles: (tyranid rifles with poison) 18'' range (under re-testing)

will of the hive mind: while the squad remains with the full 3 models then the synapse range increases to 12''

may add an additional 2 models
  T   W
  6    5  

scything talons, piercing talons
special rules: rampant rage, living battering ram, natural disaster

Toxic sacks:
range biomorph exoskeleton:
armoured shell:  (2+ save)_
crushing claws:  (+d3 attacks & +1 to range AP)
reinforced plating:  (reduced strength of weapon being fired at you by 1)
heavy venom cannon: (strength 9 AP 2 heavy 2)
barbed strangler: (strength 5 AP 5 large blast, pinning)
twin linked devourers: (strength 4 AP 6 assault 4)

rampant range: when charging units the carnifex gains rage & furious charge)
Living battering ram: the carnifex deals d3 hammer of wrath hits
natural disaster: if the carnifex forgoes its turn in a piece of terrain (ruins ect) it can destroy that terrain and remove it from play

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