It was a rather hard weekend on this side of the screen, and I for one am glad that it's dying down some. Space Marines are here, and now we with most of what's in it revealed, its just a matter of time now for it to all get to us.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly (unless I forget) editorial. Most of the time, I am reporting what other people are saying, and doing, and this is my chance to talk about what I am thinking or is going on here in my own little corner of the globe.

Space Marine Leaks
Just wow, were there some serious leaks this time around or what. Its a unique situation that we get so much real information on a codex release, especially one as big as Space Marines. Something definitely went wrong somewhere.

There are literally tons of pics all over now from the latest White Dwarf. 40k Warzone, El Descanso del Escriba, and talkwargaming are all good places to look for these if you have not seen them yet.

Space Marines once we get them in our hands, will literally be the biggest release since 6th edition. I am goign to imagine that every marine player, (and even some chaos marine players) will be using this codex for their armies. So be prepared.

I for one, cant wait to see the book, and see it on the table. It has two very tough competitors in the Tau and Eldar for being competitive, that I think only seeing on the tabletop will determine its place.

Dropzone Commander
I am beyond excited for this game lately, even more so than normal. I just completed an order that will bring me two forces, both scourge and ucm up to about 2500pts, with a bunch of everything. Two very well rounded forces that are not going to miss out trying out all the units.

So definitely look for some very cool battle reports, and once I can get a hold of the new 2 player starter set, I will be showing that off as well.

Testing a Game in Development
I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the testing of a new game that is in development. Its not for GW. I will be discussing what I can on the game as it gets further along. Its a game where the players really get an unprecedented amount of control of their armies, from army creation to the game play itself. Game play itself was very smooth and assuming it will be fast to play once played a couple times through.

Site Stuff...... yes I am Rambling here
Lately there has been a lot of drama over rumors that have come in here. Some which proved to quickly be false, were pulled. With my inbox full, I have been seeing some crazy stuff, that until validated, or more rumors on the subject appear, I will not be posting. This is usually the norm on many rumor bits, but lately I can only guess that the moon must be full.

For every rumor on the site that you see, there is probably one or two that I do not post. Some, because I know they are false from other reliable information, or others because they are just that far out there.

The comment section though, jumped a little out of control. I am talking about the comments about rape and other abuse because someone was angry about this or that. Very frustrating that we have that here on Faeit 212. There really is no excuse for it, and those comments were reported, since they were rather threatening.

In regards to comments towards rumors, just be nice. Rumors are rumors, and while often there is something to them somewhere, even if something is completely off, the point of the rumors is discuss what may be happening. I take about 10% of all rumors as complete facts that will be 100% accurate, 10% completely made up with 0% accuracy, and the rest is a mixed bag of something seen, playtests, quotes and misquotes, and tons of other combinations.

I simply report what I find, or is sent in, and do my best not to mess it all up.

Whats on my Table
Right now I just recently wrapped up putting together a decent number of Hell Dorado models. Great models that I really like. I wish I was a fast painter, so that I could get these things on the game table painted. I am not that good with my techniques as a modeler, and the Painter's Corner articles are helping me push forward in that arena.

Otherwise, I have a bunch of Wraithguard being painted, as well as some Dropzone models that I am pushing forward in anticipation of new models arriving.

What Happened on Vacation
Last but least, I basically tore up my timing chain on my VW Toureg, and the last 600 miles of my trip home, I drove praying that I make it without totaling the engine. The car went into safety mode, which if you don't know what that is, its meant to protect the motor from tearing itself up. It also means that the car does not go above 3k rpms, and any hills you encounter in this reduced power mode, means that even semi trucks are passing you on the left.

Lucky I made it and did not get stranded in British Columbia, but I am not too happy right now with the cost of the repair that is hitting. Not to mention the week and a half it will take to get the vehicle fixed. Multiple thousand dollar repair. Not fun. Otherwise a good visiting the in-laws vacation.

Btw, you get a chance to hit West Edmonton mall, the Sky Screamer Waterslide is awesome. Just creepy when that floor gives out from under you. No wonder they use a soft womanss voice for the countdown once they close the door to your capsule...... 3......2.......1........

ps, because someone asked
Space Marine Strikeforce consists of..
Space Marine Commander,
Command Squad
Two Tactical Squads
Assault Squad
Scout Squad with sniper rifles
Drop Pod
Venerable Dreadnought,
$225 USD

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