Once again a new price list for September reveals information about new Apocalypse formations that are coming right around the corner for us. This is the return of a few of the old formations, as well as many new ones.

Thanks to MajorWesJanson who compiled these on Warseer and saved my eyes from trying to read the blurry images on the list.

via MajorWesJanson on Warseer
Warzone: Damnos
Thanks to a price list and how GW likes to provide bundles for all the new Apoc formations, we now know most if not all the formations in Warzone Damnos, coming out with the codex:

SM Formations:
Centurion Decimator cohort
Conclave of the Ancients
Deathwatch Strike Team
Land Raider Spearhead
Linebreaker Squadron
Orbital Strike Force
Skyreign Hunter Squadron
The Spear of Macragge
Stormsurge Strike Wing
Suppression Force
Ultramarines Honor Guard

Necron Formations:
Court of the Flayer King
Doom Scythe Deathbringer Flight
Ghost Strider Phalanx
High Court of Damnos
Host of the Red Harvest
Lawbringer Phalanx

Additionally, the formations that included tactical, sternguard, or vanguard models are getting updated.
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