These are going on right now in Novi Sad, Serbia from 7.-11. August 2013. The event host Warhammer fantasy, Warhammer 40k and Flames of War games. While I do not normally cover tournaments, I thought a large part of the audience might be interested in checking out how their countries are doing. I do believe the finals are today, and the event is wrapping up.

via Blood of Kittens
More information can be found there. Tasty tends to cover events really well.
On behalf of the organizers of the 2013 ETC I am authorized and
pleased to convey that we set up a complete media center that is
following the preparation and the event itself, through internet and
television media. We are having daily updates on the most popular
social networks, on youtube and a Flickr stream (photos). We are
hounding the competitors for photo ops, interviews and report on
standings, pairings, general gameplay and fun stuff the organizers
prepared. We are also open to suggestions and ideas, so if you would
like to get immortalized on the interwebz we are here to help.
Here are the links to all our official channels and feel free to
share, link, comment and like our pages with your friends, family and
fellow gamers who want to see what they are missing out on We will
also post periodically in this thread for your convenience!
If you have any questions or problems connecting please let me know in
PM or at
That’s about it. We await your descent on our city and hope you will
have a great time.
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