Quite a few sources are saying that Tyranids are up next, exactly what is it that we will be seeing. After all Tyranids and how they will handle the FOC and/ or Allies are one of the biggest questions for the future of 40k. Lets take a look at what we are expecting to see.

November 2nd is the rumored release date for Tyranids, and alongside it, a supplement, either Ultramarines or a Warzone release later in the month.

Please remember that these are rumors

via Bols Lounge (the newest and latest is at the bottom)
-Tyranids are after Space Marines
-Look for them before the end of the year

New Minis:
Tyranid Prime (finecast)

Harpy. Roughly size of the heldrake. Pretty much looks like the picture in prior codex.

Doom of Malantai (clamshell package)

Parasite of Mordrax (clamshell package)

Termagant sprues recut for more options (some chatter says Genestealers)

Mycetic Spore

New "Big Bug" kit (Because every army needs one!)

New Rules: 
Pyrovore gains Torrent and a steep points reduction.

Hiveguard gain Skyfire

Altered FOC to help counter the lack of Allies. 3 HQ, 4 Elite, 6 Troop, 4 Fast, 4Heavy. Purchasing the 3rd HQ choice unlocks the extra Elite, Fast, and Heavy slots.

Termagants – Gain Fleet. New 10 unit box. Includes options for Spike rifles and Strangleweb. Curled tails. No rippers on sprues.

"BIG BUG" – Larger than Tervigon sized HQ unit. Oval base, hunched over, but wider. Has 18” synapse. Psyker 4. Prime version: Grants FNP and Counter Attack to Nids in 12.” Stats like Tervigon, except 2A. SitW

Two new Tyranid psychic powers lists. One list is destructive powers, one is augmentive powers.

Tervigon – Upgrade options for Termagant spawns to give them full options, but they are quite pricy.

Tyrant Guard and Hive Guard -Dual-build plastic kit. 3 models. All options for either unit.

Lictors – small point increase, gain new “Surprise!” rule (all shots against Lictors the turn after they appear are snap shots). DeathLeaper now an upgrade character.

Latest Rumors
Carnifex - significant cost reduction

Harpy – big overhaul. New model/dual-combo kit, Flying Monstrous, Sonic Screech combines with Vector striking. Additional Spore Mine Cysts may be purchased as upgrades. Default Stranglethorn has new upgrade options. 

New Flyer - Fast Attack choice, the alternative build for the Harpy kit.

Ymgarl Genestealers - Special arrival rule is shared with the Lictor, may now purchase standard Genestealer biomorph upgrades.

Hiveguard: new weapon upgrade option (available to a handful of units) that grants skyfire with an "enhanced ability" to ground FMCs.
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