There seems to be a lot of whispers that 2014, at least the first part of it will be focused on Armageddon and the armies that were there. I have been getting small bits from a couple different sources, mentioning everything from Blood Axes, to Speed Freaks, Steel Legion to Salamanders, and even the Black Templar.

So if Orks and Imperial Guard are looking to be the first codices of 2014, Armageddon is looking to be coming.

Here are some Previous Rumors as well as a couple small snippets that have not yet been revealed. There have been differing views from sources, and while so I thought I would get a bunch of this out. I am not going to go back and verify these anymore, just remember that they are rumors (add some salt), and from various sources.

New Rumors 
Please use salt
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
there are no Catachans in sight, the Codex will Focus Armageddone and Cadia. The Ork Codex will Focus Armageddon and the Relationship to the Imperium of Mankind.

I think Goffs & Blood Axes will become the first Suppliments. ;)
Codex Orks comes with a Blood Axes Suppliment.
The suppliment allowed Kommadoz as Troop-Choice und Alliance with Imperial Guard.

Older Rumors 
Pointing Towards Armageddon
Steel Legion mentioned (same source as the new rumors)

The One that Started us Looking at Armageddon (different source)

A verifying source with additional details (a solid source chiming in to help us sort things out)

Black Templar before next summer (another solid source)
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