This week we have a full line up of blogs for new additions. Some very good ones, so take the time to check out the latest new comers to the Blogs Around the World.

Talk Wargaming
by Lee, Zion, Immortal Reaper, Galahad

Shadow of Prometheus
by Dan Bearss

Death by Die
by Kevin Rowland

Path of the Artisan
by Alun Haines

Battle Bunnies
by Drake Seta, Darko Thane, Khall Sithis, and Others

Blogging tip of the Week
There are a lot of pitfalls you can make taking part in the blogging world, from posting too much and burning yourself out, negligence, or the one I am most concerned about today, getting too wrapped up in it.

We do not blog for money in this hobby, if we wanted to make money at blogging, tabletop wargaming is not the right area to be in. So if you are here mixed up in this world, Games and/or Miniatures are your Passion. So once decided that you would head into the world of blogging, getting too wrapped up in what is being said in comments, or elsewhere can really tear you down quickly.

Take commentors with a grain of salt. Even loud or productive ones.

Once you start blogging, you are an online personality (you have put yourself out there... on purpose), its OK to have bad days, and it can only take one comment to multiply that bad day to a horrible one. But stay out of conflicts, avoid the drama, and take a step back from comments (even if they are personal). Its not a matter of staying above these things, but instead just walking around them and continuing what you are are here to do in the first place.

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