With a few pics roaming around on the new Centurion models, there has been a lot of feedback and comments on how people are disliking the new models. While nothing is going to show off the model like the videos that will come out before release day (my favorites), I think the details on the model that I have glimpsed, are rather cool.

First off, a Centurion suit is a suit that a space marine steps up into. Its a walking suit loaded to the brim with guns, and options to take on any type of foe, all within one suit. Centurions in the battle report just layed waste to units to units in powered armour on the Chaos side of things.

Looking a little closer at the details of the model, you can see how and where the marine steps up into the suit. While I am going to (like always) hold off my final thoughts on the look of Centurions, I think the initial backlash I have seen is a little unwarranted as of yet.

I look forward to seeing them in more than just blue and yellow.
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