Field Repairs and Scoring Metal
by Blue Table Painting

When your model breaks and you have limited resources, what do you do?  Here are some tips.  This is good stuff just for regular assembly, too.  Pay attention and you just might learn something.

Here is the video version of this article

The first setp is to scrape off the old glue.  Superglue does not stick to dried superglue.  Just pry it off like an old scab.
Scrape like there’s no tomorrow.
If the model has an indentation you should clean that out as well.  If you don’t have a proper drill or pin vise on hand you can just use a drill bit or a hobby knife, spinning it around by hand to clear out the dried gunk.

A drill bit is a tool, too and has a sharp end for clearing out indentations.

Now comes the awesome part.  Score the surface of the metal with your hobby knife in a cross hatch pattern; a series of horizontal strokes followed by vertical strokes.  This make the glue bond more strongly.

Cross hatch each side, really rough them up, but don’t leave big old snags.  Not that rough.
Cross hatching pattern.
Here’s a couple of great products.

If you have a model with a plug or socket you should make radial strokes from the center to the edge like the spokes of a wheel.

Here are just a few simple things you can do to make a stronger bond with basic equipment.

Many models have a rounded socket which is not conducive to a right angle cross hatch.
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