I was forwarded a release schedule to take a look at, so I will just leave this up for people to discuss. I do believe that Imperial Guard will be the January release.

Please remember that these are rumors. Not sure what is up with the name the source wanted to be known as, but as long as there is no drama attached to it, it can stand. (new source)

via Tim the Thief (thats the name the source wanted to be known as) on Faeit 212
October: Mystery Box (he is sure Blood Bowl)

November: Tyranids

December: Terrain and Hobbit

January: Orks / Imperial Guard & SUppliment for the new Codex

February: Dark Elves

March: Imperial Guard / Orks & Suppliment Book for the new Codex

April: Bretons

May: Space Wolves

June: Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition; Gaming Set will first sell at the same Time like the Rulebook (because new Release schedule)

July: 30th anniversary Warhammer Fantasy

August: Orks & Goblins

September: No Codex or Armybook, great Suppliment with new Kits

Oktober: Wood Elves

November: Codex release (Blood Angels or Sisters of Battle)
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