This just in, as there is a huge release planned 6+ months out. No less than 5 supplements to be released at once, including Steel Legions, Salamanders, Kult of Speed, and more.

Just in case you did not notice, these are all armies for Armageddon.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
GW is planning a "re-release" of the 3rd edition Codex Armageddon! That will be a huge release for 40K "more than half a year away" according to my friend. It will include 5 supplements: Warzone Armageddon (scenarios), Supplement: Salamanders, Supplement: Steel Legion, Supplement: Ghazghull's Horde and Supplement: Orc Kult of Speed. Everything will be released in one wave.

Each supplement will be accompanied by a very limited number of new releases:
Salamanders - Special Terminator Squad combining Thunder Hammer and Storm Bolters (no shields). Has access to a special weapon that's a "pimped out mix of Heavy Flamer and Multi Melta"
Steel Legion - Griffon/Salamander combi kit, new Finecast characters
Ghazghull's Horde - Nobs in Mega Armour (Plastic), Orkimedes (Finecast)
Speed Freaks - War Buggy, Wazdakka Gutsmek (Plastic)
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