Taking a break from the Eldar, here is a Warhammer fantasy rumor. This discusses how we may see Warhammer fantasy in ninth edition. 

 I am leaving the rumor as it was sent into me. Please remember that these are rumors.

Via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
So little snippet found its way to me about warhammer fantasy 9th so thought I would pass it on. Also this take with some salt but sounded very possible after reading the end times books. 

The world will combine codex's as everyone knows but the way they interact with each other is very similar to how Thor travels between the different realms. 

The world is destroyed and only held together by the world root or something that was vague and unclear. The armies can travel the world root to interact with the other realms very similar to how the elves tracked the world root in khaine.  So bubble hammer may be a name but I would refer to it as portal hammer.

 Also this post is not to make anyone mad or angry just a bit I heard so all the people that transform into children when talking warhammer please maintain some semblance of an adult and keep your hist fits to yourself.

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