The Plasma Obliterator release that was put up for pre-orders this last weekend, was feared by a lot of the community to go the way of the Voidshield Generator.... limited and not coming back. Already the Plasma Obliterator has returned with more pre-orders available on the UK Webstore. Although it has not yet gotten to the US store, I would imagine that it will be soon.

Sorry US and Canada... it seems North America purchased the hell out of this and it will take a little longer to make them available again. In the meantime, those people looking to ebay or elsewhere can hook themselves up with their own pre-orders.

Here is a link for the UK, and some other countries to order this...

For Germany



Rest of the World Site

Rest of the EU

Its a model I really like. Im not really sure if I like the rules for them, but the model looks really nice.

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