There are images now very much all over the place revealing the new Imperial Knights and their weapons. So yes, there are D weapons in this release as you will see in the images. Lets take a look at the latest.

White Dwarf Cover


Here is a compilation of the images.

So what are these weapons? That melee weapon with hurl looks interesting, as it can throw monstrous creatures and vehicles. Here we had thought GW was simplifying odd weapon rules.

Avenger Gatling Cannon 36" S6 AP3 heavy 12 rending
Ironstorm Missile Pod 72" S5 AP4 heavy 1 lg blast, barrage
Stormspear Rocket Pod 48" S8 AP3 hvy 3
Twin Icarus Autocannon 48" S7 AP4 hvy 2, interceptor, skyfire, twin-linked

Reaper Chainsword- Strength D AP2 melee
Thunderstrike Gaunlet- Strength D AP2 melee, colossal, hurl
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