Atia jumped in earlier today with a little preview hint, or riddle (however you want to look at it), on what is next for us. While at first I thought Eldar..... still hoping for aspect warriors, Atia was quick to point out that it's not. On top of that she added in another hint for us.

If this is not enough... we will see a teaser video on Monday again, according to Atia. Of course if you keep up on the comment section, this is where Atia posted up, but I know there are many readers that just do not venture that far.

Let the speculation begin.

via Sahra Kauba (Atia)
April 17, 2015 at 2:44 PM
howdy natfka =)

ok guys, here's a little teaser of next week from me:
"fear, stealth, rage, precision"
you will get more information @ monday ;)

it's not eldar^^

We do not determine the guilty; we do not decide the punishment; we are merely the cold instruments of the Emperor's vengeance. There is no form of death unknown to us; there is no form of terror beyond our means; there is no enemy outside our reach. We are the blade that hovers over the throat of the traitor; we are the bullet that awaits the heretic's skull; we are the poison in the throat of the alien.

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