There are some conflicting Cult Mechanicus rumors today regarding Electro-Priests and whether they are troops or elites. The Electro-Priests are apparently a dual kit for two elite unit types. Of course we had some earlier rumors as well today, discussing the codex itself.

You can catch up on that information with the link.

The first bit is from Spikey Bit Forums, saying that Electro Priests will be their troops and to expect some Imperial Robots coming our way. The Fulgurite Electro-Priests were revealed some weeks ago by Atia and her re-directs, which looks solid when looking at the second rumor set below.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Captain Citadel on Spikey Bits Forum
Cult Mechanicus is coming. Their troops will be the Electro-priests that everyone has been raving about for weeks. From the looks of it, we'll also finally see the Imperial robots that compliment Forge World's existing range, and other all new exotic units.

via our anonymous source from earlier today on Faeit 212
Electro-Priests are not troops like earlier rumors were saying today, instead both Electro-Priests units are Elites. Its a dual kit with Fulgurite Electro-Priests and Corpuscarii Electro-Priests. Energy Fields give both units a 5++.

Fulgurites have staves with enhanced strength and can get a 3++ for the rest of the game if they wipe out a unit in close combat.

Corpuscariis have gauntlets that are assault weapons shooting with a 12" range, and can also be used in close combat.

Both weapons have other abilities as well that fit with the Electro-Priests. They can be taken groups of up to 20.
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