Details of this week's releases give us pricing, and shows us that the old Imperial Knight box set is going to be around a while longer if you don't want to buy the upgraded sprues for the new Knights. 

here is the latest, and as always these are rumors. 

via ShadowWolf32387 on Faeit 212
The special stuff of note:

New Citadel brushes, they actually look pretty sharp and useful...VERY expensive.
New Knight codex is $41.
Blades of the Traitor anthology released in hardback next week.
New Knight kit is $157 but builds all FIVE types (addition of Warden, Gallant, and Crusdaer) and allows upgrades to the Paladin and Errant.
Old kit is staying and is still $140 and will be just the Errant and Paladin without access to the new sprue.
Paint splatter also hinting at Cult Mechanicus.
Knight Warden will be a Lord of War.

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