Honour Through Fealty was our hint from last week, and is the name of this week's new video teaser confirming the release of Imperial Knights this week!!! Not only do we have the video, but additional info is coming in bit by bit. Lets take a look at the latest.

The interesting part from our source below is that this week will contain codex, cards, and a new box set that can make all 5 types of Imperial Knights.  Whoa.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
new box codex and cards for knights new box can make all 5 types of knight with armour variants not alot of info on whats in it slightly more than last price for both. 

Here are images from the Teaser revealing that there are indeed 3 new Knights Coming as earlier rumors over the weekend revealed.
3 New Knights Coming This Week!... Warden, Crusader, and Gallant

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