Eldar are here and its going to be a big pre-order week. Codex: Craftworlds, Datacards, Windriders and much more......

All of this in one week? Whoa, April 18th is going the big day.

Here is what a dedicated source is saying is coming this week for pre-orders.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Next week's stuff: Codex: Craftworlds, Datacards, Eldar Windriders, Eldar
Farseer Skyrunner (and actual farseer on jetbike maybe? finally?), Eldar
Autarch. Nice release :)

Here also is Game Workshop's Teaser Video for the Eldar Release!
via What's New Today from Games Workshop
Listen well, my children, for our time has come to shine. Long have we waited, through dark aeons and terrible wars. We have loved and lost so much. Now is our time to reclaim what was once ours.

Like a veil lifted from your eyes, all will be revealed on Saturday 18th April.

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