Now we get a chance to finally take a good look at the new event only Double Decker Battle Bus. It really is a nice looking model, and I have had a chance now to do a quick video, get some pics, and paint it up for showing. Of course I still have a few details to go, but I will be very happy to see my occupational veterans getting a new ride.

Here are some pics, and also the video of the model. I am also looking forward to any pics that anyone has coming out of Salute 2015 today and tomorrow.

One observation that I wanted to point out for this.. is its very cool to see Hawk Wargames have a special model for events and yet its rules (for a Resistance Battle Bus) not just be exclusive to those that can get to an event. Hawk Wargames in my own opinion really has a solid stance in regards to how to interact with its community and not cause divisions.

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