Space Marines are still rumored to get a codex later this year, and we have heard misc talk of Ravenguard, White Scars. Steve the Warboss pegged Space Marines as an August release, and Lords of Wargaming has said they are coming. So this rumor states the release will be a rather minor one, and by the looks of it, could be handled with a 2 week release. One box kit, a new Chaplin, and codex. Take a look at the latest.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Birds in the Trees posted by Larry Vela on Bols
Space Marines are one of the two “standard old school” codices that will be a full update this year.

The codex update itself is more of a minor refresh to bring it into alignment with the current edition design trends.

Minis coming are:
– Assault Marines box refresh/update
– New Chaplain (probably plastic)
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