Next week is right a shot in the dark on what is coming out, but that doesnt mean that we do not have any hints, or possibilities on what is coming. Next week's White Dwarf hint has been revealed, and an even bigger hint has come across my desk.

The White Dwarf teaser for next week is the best indicator, while the bottom rumored bit, I don't really know, but its possible its related.

via Atia from Bolter and Chainsword
White Dwarf Teaser for next week
"Something huge
...will fall on you" 

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
thought I'd send you something I heard a few days ago,.
The week after assassins is supposed to be a complete surprise, expect a LOT more marines, expect a new game... 

Now of course as with any rumour the timing could be off, but he seemed pretty confident with it.
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