This not something for I normally post up, but a close friend of mine for well over a decade, is downsizing his massive 40k collection. Figured I would chime to help show off some of his models he has up on auction. There are some good deals in there, and I know that even after he downsizes all this, he still has tens of thousands of points in models sitting around.

Here is a link to some of his auctions. Its a massive number of models for a an extremely good price.

from ebay
This Auction is for a Massive Metal Cadian army most of these models are painted. I was not able to show them all in the above pictures. The only models not painted in this army are some of the command squad options which I never got around to using. I would always use a command and 4 plasma guns.

I am listing this army as 1 large lot because I believe it is best to go to a single home as is all infantry and the paint scheme is coherent. Each platoon is color based with top of helmets and shoulder pads one color and each squad in that platoon a shade of that color for example blue platoon has 3 squads in it one light blue, medium blue and dark blue. I did my best to have each platoon and squad in it to have a variety of options.

The full break down of the nearly 300 models is as follows.
For the command squads I have:
3 commanders (2 of 3 painted)
3 Banner guys (0 of these are painted)
5 medics (0 of these are painted)
3 vox casters (0 of these are painted)
3 Regimental Advisors (0 of these are painted)

All models listed below are painted
Basic Metal Cadian guys
4 lieutenants
12 sergeants
112 basic auto guns/ las guns
12 vox casters

Special weapon guys all painted some of these guys are the newer metal cadians.
29 Melta Guns
29 Plasma Guns
15 Flamers
5 Heavy Flamers

Now for the Heavy Weapon Teams, these are all painted and on custom sand bag bases.
9 Missile Launcher Teams
9 Heavy Bolter Teams
10 Mortar Teams
16 Las Cannon Teams
16 Auto Cannon Teams
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