The images are out, and its going to be a big Eldar Week. That Codex is expensive, and some people are claiming it to be 200pgs, 160pts, a replacement codex, and not a replacement codex. Which is it? lol. We should have the inside scoop here shortly in the next so many hours.

Leaked Pics on Warseer and Dakka

Pricing leaked for first wave
codex craftworld eldar 58.00
datacards 12.50
windriders 41.00
farseer skyrunner 33.00
autarch 26.00
shining spears 50.00
autarch skyrunner 33.00
codex limited edition 165.00

via Felwether on Warseer
Windriders (€33) and the Farseer Skyrunner (€26) are definitely separate kits. There's also an Autarch (€21), cards and the codex (€46).
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