An observation was sent in from a reader who had previously ordered a set of Pink Horrors a few months back, and then again just recently.... This of course could of been a mistake in packing.... but the most recent pink horror box was discovered to only have round bases in it.

Please remember that these are rumors... and yes, I know the round bases for fantasy rumors get people all excited.

So.....Anyone else recently purchase some Pink Horrors? Let us know what was in the box please.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
I figure I give you a heads up, not sure if you noticed or someone else pointed it out, but I bought 3 sets of Pink Horrors sets. I noticed the first set I got a few months back came with both Square and Round bases, but the two I bought most recently only has round bases. Not sure if this is due to the rumored "Fantasy going round" or a miss package. 
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