Information is coming out Salute now about Hawk Wargames new upcoming game, Dropfleet Commander. Of course there are new infantry models as for Dropship that we have pics for, but I will get to those here in a bit. Here is the latest information coming for the new game Dropfleet!!!!!

a big thank you to Jack for the pics and information (pics coming)

via Jack Reporting in from Salute
Ok, so for Dropfleet commander, the estimated release date is around Christmas/January. It is a near orbit game, so the board will be a map of the planet you are orbiting, about the size of a country, like France or Spain, rather than anything deep space like Battlefleet Gothic was. There will be rules for orbital degradation and the like, and rules for dropships heading towards the planet, which sounds like that will be a focus for the scenarios and objectives (last bit is conjecture on my part). There will also be layers, like the old aeronautic rules, but I don’t know if this is going to affect who you can shoot at or not.

It will be possible to link games of Dropfleet and Dropzone, but the benefits to winning the previous game of Dropfleet to your game of Dropzone will be small, as to not upset the balance of the game too much, possibly stuff like reserves come in on a 4+ on the first turn rather than a 6+ (again, conjecture). But as the game of Dropfleet is so vast (like I said, taking place over a board the size of France), the subsequent game of Dropzone will be portrayed as a focal point of the landing, rather than the whole battle.
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