There has been a lot of speculation over the Cult Mechanicus forces, and of course lots of questions. Everything from are their transports, to are there any troop choices (rumors have been pointing to none)? Here are a few answers we get a look at the rumored units of Cult Mechanicus.

Please remember that these are rumors. I look forward to this one. I am really liking the Adeptus Mechanicus forces that are being released. Hopefully we will start hearing more details about these units.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Cult Mechanicus is the same size as skitarii, Very few units and no fast attack options. There is also no vehicles. Just to clear up some misconceptions, here is a brief unit overview.
Tech-Priest Dominus
Kataphron Breachers/ Destroyers
Fulgurite/Corpuscarii Electro-Priests
Kastelan Robot Maniple

The current thinking of many on this codex along with the Skitarii codex is that these eventually will all become one codex. Its hard to know for certain, but with rumors of a full sized Adeptus Mechanicus codex in the future, its quite possible that we will see these combined. It looks like the next few weeks will be all about the Cult Mechanicus. I look forward to seeing these models from the descriptions we have heard.

here are some links if you have missed anything regarding the Cult Mechanicus
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