So what is the name of this new Assassin game, and what models will be coming with it? This morning we have some answers.

The name of the game is Assassinorum: Execution Force, and it comes with 4 new assassins, a Chaos Lord, 3 Chaos Marines, and 15 Cultist. Beyond this we know from the video that its a tile based game, which look fantastic if you watched the video for a glimpse of the new game.

Please remember that these are still rumors. Also I am sure we will start seeing some leaks come soon. Here is a link to the earlier article today where GW revealed its teaser trailer.

via a couple different sources on Faeit 212
The new Assassin game is called Assassinorum: Execution Force.
- New 4 assassins
- Chaos lord
- 3 chaos marines
- 15 cultists


Full contents as per BrookM on Dakka:
A brand new co-operative game for one to four players who control four Imperial Assassins, as they attempt to assassinate a Chaos Sorcerer and end a dark ritual, which will destroy a star system. 

It contains everything you need to play to defeat the Chaos Space Marines Sorcerer. The game comes with: 

- 4 brand new multipart plastic Imperial Assassins – a Callidus, a Cullexus, an Eversor and a Vindicare 
- A Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord and familiar (existing 43-12) 
- 3 Chaos Space Marines (existing 35-31) 
- 15 Chaos Cultists (existing 3x 35-34) 
- A rulebook, board sections, cards, counters and dice 

- A missions book 
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