Giant Robots are coming, and the rumors have them in a heavy support choice with with 2 robots (with the options for more) and a controller. Large caliber cannons and a hand flamer look like the standard weapons. Check out the latest.

Please remember that these are rumors. If you would like to check up on the latest rumor compilation for the Cult Mechanicus just follow the link.....

via aracersss on Faeit 212 (comment section)
Cult Mechanicus will feature a new robot type unit that is part Forge World Castellex, part Space Marine Centurion.

Their bodies are plated armour sealed in the front much like the centurions in appearance, but with no chest mounted weapons. They are on 50mm bases and are quite larger than the Centurion models. Their heads are a giant domed EVA helmet which looks quite fantastic. There are no organic components visible the models, they are automanta.

There are several armaments they come with; a larger calibre cannon in their right hand to flamer type weapon in their left. Articulated hands with finger appendages are also an option, as well as a top shoulder mounted versions of these same type weapons. 
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