Pre-Order times have moved back from Friday to Saturday, and this last weekend was the first of these with the release of the new Assassinorum board game. This was done apparently to help relieve some of the pressures that people were feeling trying to get a hold of limited releases and sometimes extremely time sensitive orders.

For one, the times seem to have been moved around according to where you live. Our friends down in Australia and New Zealand last weekend were the first to get pre-orders up, followed by Europe and then North America.

My own personal time (which is important to know if you are on the must see what is coming list), is 10:00am Saturday morning. Not the best timing for me... as I volunteer to help teach kids Kung Fu during those hours on Saturday.

I think the hours will be better for limited releases, but I personally enjoyed the Friday release schedules, as it freed up my weekend to not be glued to a computer waiting for pre-orders to hit.

Like everyone else though, if there is something that I absolutely am concerned with that I will not get,...... I will figure out how to order it, no matter what time the pre-orders go up. It's just one of those things......

So how does this time switch effect you?
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