It seems that we are being given a future release date for Warhammer Fantasy. July 11th according to the latest on Warseer. There has been discussion of a box set as well in the recent past, (not rumored to be 9th edition) that comes with a small ruleset, and is perhaps the skirmish game that has been hinted at. So lets look at the latest rumors on a 9th Edition Warhammer Fantasy release.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via DVeight on Warseer 
The source is a GW employee in a senior position. Not design team. Very good friend of mine that has for years been trying to get me to play Warhammer and 40K which I started year ago. He let the cat out of the bag when we discussed teeing up a social game. His words were "Let's organise a game soon and also some time get together with the other guys for a last game of 8th edition triumph and treachery. 9th Edition is locked in for release on 11th July.

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