The information coming with this weekend's White Dwarf is here, and with it the rules for the new Assassins and their formation. The nice thing is its easy to see the new gameboard in these images, and the game itself looks like it will be interesting to check out.

Like all board games that I personally add to my collection, if there are some still left after the webstore sell out, I will be picking one up. (I like to see the game before purchasing these for my board game group.)

Its also nice though to see the rules in the White Dwarf for the assassins. I must say its nice to see some new models for these.

Here is a link to the leaked images. Thanks to aracersss for pointing them out to us,assassinorum-execution-force-leak-bilder-assassinen-regeln-preise,id42702.html,list1206,1,assassinorum-execution-force.html
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