Much of the Eldar codex -Craftworlds is leaking on the internet. Its in Spanish right now, but shows the point cost and confirms most of what we have already heard for the new codex.

While most everyone has declared this new codex the most powerful book thus far... its important to note that the book is still not out, and no one has really yet to play against it. Early reports shows very powerful changes to units, a mass of new D- Weapons, and incredible bikes. Personally like most releases, I tend to not jump on the Sky has Fallen scenario. We have had the sky fall enough times that any additional bruising by a new release is less likely to be noticed.

What there is in this codex from early reports, is a lot of bringing the background to the units. This of course can lead to OP units, but the complaints I believe thus far are not about how strong they are, but of the point cost associated with them. Of course I will be picking this up this weekend, and seeing for myself what I think of the new codex.

Note that the book is still on pre-order here

Here is a link to the latest leaks
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