With this most recent update to the Eldar Codex, its hard to say for certain where the Iyanden Craftworld supplement stands. I personally like the book, and the army..... (they meshed well with my Dark Eldar), and they are left in limbo.

Now this would not be the case but for the book disappearing from the Black Library Digital, and Hardcover versions of the book vanishing from the Games Workshop Webstore.

I do believe however, that unless there is an update, or something specifically that mentions the book being rolled into the new Craftworld Codex, that the Iyanden Supplement still stands. That of course also puts everything into a bad mix, as units that are in the old book, were based off of a different codex.

So were do you think the Iyanden codex supplement now stands, and what does this mean in the future when older codices are updated?

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