There is always a lot going on over on the Faeit 212 Community News site, and some of the most recent articles have been drawing more attention over there. The first is the Plasma Obliterator unboxing, followed by TBMC Battle Reports featuring Space Wolves and Nurgle, and much more.

Check out the latest, and dont forget to check back there, as new battle reports and other community news is always being updated. If you would like to contribute and get your latest news up on Faeit 212, shoot me an email at to join the community.

TBMC - HD Video Batrep - 1500 Space Wolves vs Nurgle Chaos Marines
Hey guys we have another batrep for you today. In today's battle we have Irvin and his Space Wolves take on Clark and the Nurgle Chaos Marines. As always if you see any rules errors please let us know.

Warhammer 40k Video Full Length Bat Rep #2 Chaos vs. Dark Eldar
This is our second stream check us out on Twitch: FrontlineGaming_TV every Tuesday and Thursday 7:00p.m. PST. Check out the Tactics Corner over at Frontline Gaming for more great videos!

Plasma Obliterator - Limited Edition Terrain Unboxing
Hello Readers, just received my Plasma Obliterator through the mail, and I thought I'd show pics to any of you still waiting? I'm afraid it does indeed look like a short splash release, again, manufactured in China and made of a plastic more lightweight and brittle than the 'normal' GW plastics.

What's On Your Table: Eldar Aspect Wraiths‏
What's On Your Table: Thought I'd send you a few pictures of one of my long standing projects to create a wraithlord in each of the eldar aspects..

OPR Releases WarStuff!
Hi everyone, Today we are excited to release the final ruleset in our series of system-agnostic games: WarStuff. WarStuff is a skirmish wargame that you can play with anything you like. It was designed with pick-up games and conventions in mind,

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