There has been a lot of rumors this week, and its time to sort out some of the biggest news this week.... Imperial Knights are coming. Thus far we know that the rumors are saying two new models, and quite possibly a new updated codex for 7th edition 40k. Lets see what the latest rumors are.

Please remember that these are still rumors.

Imperial Knights
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honour through fealty - something big, this way comes^^ the Imperial Knights shall march soon again ;)

Full roundup of redirects found so far on GW website:
Imperial Knights:
- Codex Imperial Knights
- Datacards Imperial Knights
- Knight Warden
Knight Crusader

The hint from this weekends White Dwarf Paint Spatter
'Large armour plates'

via Bird in the Trees on Bols
Both Knights are coming via a combined combo kit.
Plastic kit will be released in the short-term, but the exact week is unknown.
The Warden & Crusader will share White Dwarf only rules initially, with inclusion in a codex coming later.
The new designs do not share the “turtle shell” carapace, and have a divergent appearance.
Both models share an up-armored, brutal appearance compared to the Paladin/Errant model.
Both share three weapon hardpoints, 2 arms and a top carapace mount.
Both new Knights share a Heavy Support position in a Imperial Knights army list.
Expect an Imperial Knights “Decurion” formation to be arriving with the new kits.

Crusader is armed with: Quake Cannon, TL Las-cannons
Warden is armed with: Volcano Cannon, Multi-barreled Autocannon
Both models have an optional top carapace missile launcher weapon mount, with multishot S8, AP3 anti-flyer capability
Both models are protected by a single energy field based heavily on the rules for the Stronghold Assault book’s Void Shield Generator.
Armor Values: Front:14 Side:13 Rear:13
Hull Points: 8
Both models clock in well above the cost of the Knight Paladin/Errant

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