There are some images out now pages from Codex: Skitarii- the Onager Dunecrawler and the Skitarii Maniple (foc). These are significant, as it the "Skitarii Maniple Detachment has no HQ to show for. Lets take a look at what this is and what it could mean.

Here is a link to the leaked images...they originate from 40k kings

The Skitarii Maniple  
2 Troops

6 Troops
4 Elites
2 Fast Attack
4 Heavy Support
1 Fortification

This makes the Skitarii an optimal allied force, simply because of the minimal unit requirements to jump in with them. No HQ makes it quite easy to get what you want out of a Skitarii force.

Command Benefits.
Crux Mechanicus- if this is your primary detachment, you can re-roll on the Skitarii Warlord Traits and your warlord gains preferred enemy.

Tireless Advance
All modles from this detachment have crusader and Scout, but cannot outflank (they can if they have infiltrate or a mission special rule)

For not having a dedicated transport (unless the onager has a dual unit purpose), scout + the extra movement of some units, can really get them into forward positions really fast.

In German: Can anyone Translate?

via 40k Kings
Wardlord Traits:
eternal warrior
eine Waffe master-crafted (aber kein Relikt)
12″ reroll pinning, moral, fear
overwatch mit BF4
reroll failed fnp + x

myteriöses Zeug rerollen
zealot USR
Ini1: jede Einheit im Nahkampf mit Träger macht Widerstands-Test, verpatzt = W6 Wunden ohne Rüstung
Phase Taser mit Initest bei Wunde oder tot
Pistole mit Gimmicks
Skull of Elder…Effekt xx
Waffen (Auswahl):

Icarus Array (nur für Dunecrawler, aber SATT!): Deadalus missile launcher: heavy 1, 7/2 48″ skyfire + gatling rocket launcher: heavy 5, 6/4 48″ skyfire, ignores cover + twin icarus autocannon: heavy 2, 7/4 48″ skyfire, interceptor, twin-linked.
Eradication Beamer (nur für Dunecrawler, Standarf-Bewaffnung): 0″- 9″: 10/1, 9″ – 18″: 8/3 blast, 18″ – 36″: 6/5 large blast
Neutron Laser: 48″ 10/1 blast, concussive

Es gibt insgesamt 6 Doktrinen. Zu Beginn der Bewegungsphase kann jeweils eine genutzt werden (one use). Die Doktrinen geben

+1 BF
+1 KG
+2 BF / -1 KG
+2 KG / -1 BF
+3 BF / -2 KG
+3 KG / -2 BF
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