Farsight is due to be released digitally on the 20th, and will be the second codex supplement put out by Games Workshop for 6th edition. Today, pictures are now floating around, as part of the sample download on itunes of the product.

So the bad news is that the hardcover still seems to be out a ways pushing back to October. As a hobbyist myself, I do not like this, and will just wait to buy it. I do not like to read digital versions of products. I do like them for the convenience, and as a secondary product to support my hardcovers. However for codex supplements, it will always be the hardcover for me, otherwise I just dont need it bad enough.

So here are some links to check out the latest where you can read through the samples GW released.

From what I have read on it thus far, the background sounds as rich and exciting as the Iyanden supplement. So I do look forward to getting a hold of the hardcopy, once it comes out.
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