I have been doing this for several years now, and the one thing I see over and over, is how connected people within the gaming communities are to the world. Disaster relief from floods, storms and more, if you have been paying attention you can see how people in our world wide community step up and help others. The community we have in this hobby is an amazing resource, not only for gaming and discussion, but for something even larger.

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is one of those resources, and is dedicated to the service of veterans, the victims of war and disaster here in the United States, and throughout the world. So when Laurie Brandt reached out to me, I was more than happy to jump in and help.

What is the Nova Charitable Foundation, and How can I help? Above is one pic of part of the armies that the foundation is raffling off for charity. There are currently three raffles going and you can help by donating as little as 10 dollars, and you get a chance to win on of the following fantastic armies.

You can link up to these raffles (great cause and great armies being raffled off)
NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Raffle for Emergency Relief 
with Doctors without Borders
1850pt Dark Angel Army

Raffle for Military Families 
with the Fischer House Foundation
1000pt Necron Army

Raffle for Breast Cancer Research 
with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
35pt Khador Army

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, Inc. (NOCF) is a Virginia non-profit corporation created in January, 2013, to bring the worldwide tabletop wargaming community together in support of charitable causes, both national and international.  The NOCF (a board run non-profit organization) is a separate entity from the NOVA Open (a sole proprietorship LLC).  

  • In the past, artists in the 40k community ran online charity army raffles to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.  Hundreds of gamers came together over the years to raise tens of thousands of dollars for that cause.  The first NOVA Open was a 32-player 40k game in the park, and occurred for the sole purpose of raising funds for breast cancer research. 

  • There is a symbiotic purpose behind seeking permissions to use the NOVA Open in the charity's brand.  The NOVA Open's mission includes the goal of establishing the tabletop wargamer in today's society as an everyday person with a creative hobby interest.  The NOCF board, recognizing the tabletop wargaming community as "A Compassionate Force" based on their past contributions, is able to take that portion of the NOVA Open mission and, in a clear and unmitigated fashion, demonstrate the reality of that goal in the generosity of these hobbyists.  

  • Even before the NOCF was founded, it was receiving requests from tabletop wargaming miniature artists.  The board decided to begin our first season of raffles with just three armies, as seen HERE.  Nearly 1000 tickets have sold since launching the site six weeks ago.  We have had the help and support of our sponsors:  Secret Weapon Miniatures, TheWarStore.Com, KR Multicase, and NOVA Open. 
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