Eternal Crusade is the latest "in the works" large scale video game set in the Warhammer 40k setting. This is part of an interview by Mattew Kumar on PCGames N with Miguel Caron of Behavior Interactive.

It is a very revealing interview, not only on the part of Games Workshop (who the community likes to villian-ize), but on what to expect on the vision of one man and his dedication to creating the game that we all want to see.

This is definitely a project that we will be keeping an eye on.
A link to Behavior Interactive's Announcement

via Mathew Kumar on PCGames N
If you want to read the entire article, please follow the link to learn more
Questions answered by Miguel Caron and Behavior Interactive, who are working on Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade

wasn’t there already an MMO based on Warhammer 40,000 coming?
“What happened [with THQ] was a big learning experience for Games Workshop. We have the exclusive rights to the IP for our game, but the way they give out the IP now is they slice it up: we are promising a third-person, over the shoulder shooter with massive warfare. No story, only war. We pitched it to Games Workshop and they carved that out of the IP.”

“There may be other Warhammer 40,000 games! On iPad, or even a story-driven MMO a la Rogue Trader. Before this, THQ got the rights to the entire IP. But for Games Workshop it’s not about how much money they make selling the IP to someone. They don’t want someone to buy the IP but not actually get a game out with it. So they have the same goal as us: to get a game out that makes the fans happy.”

It’s all good to know that Games Workshop are actively involved in this upcoming game, but with little more than a (scant) press release and an announcement website to go on, what is there to get excited about?
“Imagine the massive warfare of Planetside 2, but we are aiming to double the number of concurrent players in a battle. Thousands of Orks slamming their shields, Space Marines on the other side, running towards each other and slamming into each other like it’s 300. An epic, bloody battle until at the end there’s one huge Ork Nob battling against a lone Space Marine hero, with fallen players and more watching it happen via a feed direct to Youtube.”

“This is my project; when I was with Funcom in Montreal I wanted to use this license but they did not; it was one of the reasons I left. I want to make this game. When I started it was not about the company, but the game. Even on my own, I still had seven people with me working on the game, building it, and they are the core team at Behaviour right now. When I joined Behavior, it was predicated on them not just getting me, but my team.”
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