If you did not order and get the Collectors Edition Apocalypse set, then like everyone else, you only got one Warzone expansion with your book. Now that the collectors edition is sold out, access to Warzone Pandorax is rather limited to those that already got them. While I am not sure if there will a future release of the Warzone, someone was nice enough to send us a list of the formations that were included in it.

I do not know what is in these formations, but I am sure there will be access to it at some later point. A huge thanks for sending this in to us.

via an anonymous reader on Faeit 212
Here's the list of formations from the limited edition's warzone Pandorax
Chaos Space Marines
The Chosen of Abaddon
Daemon Engine Pack
Great Brass Scorpion of Khorne
The Hounds of Huron
Khorne Tower of Skulls
Maelstrom of Gore
Plaguereaper of Nurgle
Trinity of Blood

Daemonic Forgehost

Imperial Guard
Deathstrike Vortex missile Battery
'Emperor's Mercy' Commissariat Squad
Storm Trooper Mission Elite
Traitor's Bane
Xerxes Airborne Support Wing

Maruader Bomber
Warhound hunting Pack

Dark Angels
Talon of Vengeance
Thunderhead Squadron

Grey Knights
Assassinorum Murder Squad

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