There is so much on our plate that it is time to really dig in and take a look at the 40k release schedule and see just what it is that we will be looking at over the next 6+ months.

These are based on rumors and discussions, and I have put in my interpretation of the rumors, and with that, I hope that a few of our sources will chime in to correct this where necessary, and help refine this list.

Please remember that these are rumors.

Codex Release Order
This is the list that started it all some time ago.
I was under the impression it was Tau, Eldar, Orks, SM, Nids, then Guard?
75hastings69 answer. Move the orks

So with this and new developments, instead of moving the orks to the back like we had been, I am moving them behind Space Marines as some recent rumors have suggested, and inserting the Black Templar behind them.
Space Marines, Orks, Black Templar, Tyranids, Imperial Guard. 

So when is all this going to come around?
italics listings are officially announced
The Black Legion Supplement- Digital: August

Space Marines 6th Edition Codex
White Scars Supplement (already rumored to be printed)

Farsight Enclave Supplement: Digital: Already Released, Print: October
Ork Codex
The Black Legion Supplement Print: October or later

Black Templar Codex

Rumored for 2013
Ravenguard Supplement- (a couple sources have mentioned this, seems solid)

My Speculation for 2013
Possible Ork Unknown Supplement: (Digital Only, with later Print release)

Tyranids- Rumored to be the first codex of the year
Imperial Guard codex

Catachan Supplement
Ultramarine Supplement
Tau Mercenary Supplement
Biel-Tan Supplement
Saim-Hann Supplement

Blood Angels (vague rumors)
Space Wolves (vague rumors)

Rumored with Unknown Time Frame
Codex Supplements
The Fallen
Tau The Expanded Empire
World Eaters
Thousand Sons
Death Guard
Emperor's Children

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