One thing I have been worried about is the delay between digital copy of the Farsight Enclave release and the hardcopy of the book. With the digital version being released this weekend, and the hardcopy not coming out until October.... That is quite the gap, especially because it means that it will be that long before I get mine. So whats up?

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I am glad to hear though that codices are priority, and that sourcebooks (supplements) are in no way going to slow down the rapid release schedule that we are on with 6th edition.

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As for the delay between digital and print:

It's to due with a physical production backlog.  The current printers used can't actually keep up with the volume of production needed.

Codexes take precedence over sourcebooks.  The idea existed to simply wait on sourcebooks, but realistically there's no gap large enough between top tier releases (army books) to squeeze them in.

Instead, the Digital model helps in two ways.  First, it lets people who want it get it as soon as it's ready.  Second, it let's GW coordinate the releases a lot more smoothly until a second printer is acquired (as is the case with the softcover books, they will be coming from a new printer).  Third, it alleviates some of the production stress since people are less likely to buy a hard copy for something they have a digital copy of.

The idea of cross-platform, cross-media production of the same book is not a money grab.  GW of course doesn't mind if you buy the interactive book, the ebook and the hardcover, but it's not the goal.  The goal (much like the LEs) is to provide "something for everyone," no matter what your taste is.

So the Digital will come out when it's ready or when it's timed properly, and hopefully the print will line up, but Supplements aren't about to bump codexes behind since that would upset more people than it would please.

In the future, expect the releases to be a lot closer to one another and eventually sync up within a week.
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